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CancerGEM KB is a continuously updated searchable online resource that provides access to scientific information on the use of genomic information in cancer care and prevention. more
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Office of Public Health Genomics/CDC launches the CancerGEM KB : CDC Office of Public Health Genomics in collaboration with NCI Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences launches the CancerGEM KB: CancerGEM KB is an online resource for researchers, public health professionals, policy makers, and health care providers interested in the use of genomic information in cancer care and prevention. CancerGEM KB provides objective synthesis and timely dissemination of information on cancer human genome epidemiology (genetic associations, gene-environment interactions and gene prevalence information) and aggregated evidence on cancer genomic tests in transition to clinical and public health practice. CancerGEM KB also offers summary information on Genomic Tests through PLoS Currents Evidence on Genomic Tests, an open-access journal for systematic reviews and structured short summaries of evidence for the validity and utility of genetic tests. Read more about CancerGEM KB

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Potential Genomic Tests  recently added in Cancer Genomic Test Finder
  • 07/30/2014 : Various types of cancer - lymphocyte genome sensitivity (LGS) test . See detail
  • 03/20/2014 : Colorectal cancer - Stool DNA (sDNA) based screening test for colorectal cancer; includes a hemoglobin immunoassay and assays for KRAS mutation, methylation of NDRG4 and BMP3, beta-actin . See detail
  • 01/22/2014 : early-stage lung adenocarcinoma - "myPlan Lung Cancer is an RNA expression panel of 31 cell-cycle-progression genes, in combination with tumor staging information, to determine a patient's risk of dying from lung cancer within five years." . See detail
  • 01/08/2014 : breast cancer, ovarian cancer - Genetic test using next-generation sequencing to simultaneously analyze 14 genes associated with breast cancer risk. . See detail
  • 09/20/2013 : Pancreatic cancer - Proteomic test that uses matrix assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry (MS) to characterize protein content in serum samples . See detail


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